New York Yankees Trade Targets: Could The Yankees Acquire Yovani Gallardo


The New York Yankees continue to play well and as we inch closer to the trade deadline on the 31st speculation continues as to who the Yankees can add to help bolster their chances of making the playoffs.  The Yankees will be taking on the Texas Rangers next week and the Rangers are in a weird position of possibly buying and selling. No really.

Yovani Gallardo does fit the Yankees preference of picking up players on the last year of their deal. Gallardo is 7-9 with a 2.91 ERA. His groundball rate is at 50% which plays at Yankee stadium. 

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There are some things to dislike though. His strikeout rate is only 6.14/9. That’s really low. His FIP is 3.68 and his XFIP is 4.12. Those aren’t good signs. His BABIP against is .271 which is a career low. All these signs say the bottom could fall out soon.

Would Gallardo be an obvious upgrade over the starters the Yankees already have? Possibly. He’d slide into the three hole in the rotation, though if Ivan Nova continues to pitch well, it could be he’d be the number four guy.

The Yankees are going to shop around and take a look for upgrades and this will go down to the wire at 4pm next Friday. Gallardo will probably be one of the many names the Yankees are going to sift through until then before they either make a deal or do nothing. Keep an eye on Gallardo though.

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