New York Yankees Rumors: No Deals Coming?


We’ve talked about all the possible New York Yankees trade targets. You’ve seen him here and you’ll continue to not only here but any other newspaper or website that covers this team. But what if there’s no help coming? What if the Yankees just keep everyone and move forward. Brian Cashman addressed this possibility.

"“If you are focusing on: Are there going to be available starting pitchers [that] are better than what we have? Yeah, but will they be worth the price tag to acquire on a short-term rental, for instance?” Cashman said. “Is it worth the overall cost of some of the talent we have coming? That is what we would wrestle with. There are certain players that we do not want to move.“There is a strong possibility that there might not be anything that makes sense for us,” Cashman said. “I do like the chemistry in this clubhouse. I do like the personnel that we have. I recognized that we all have our flaws and defects and areas that could be better, but in some cases, you might not be able to address them because of availability just doesn’t exist. Or you may not be able to address them because you don’t want to step up and overpay to get them done. Those are things I will be discussing with ownership and certainly will take their lead and engage 29 other clubs. It is easier to predict no activity than significant activity. We’ll see.”"

Now if the Reds want Aaron Judge or Luis Severino for Johnny Cueto, you hang up the phone. No question. The Yankees do have some talent coming and I gBillet that.

At the same time though Stephen Drew should be a utility infielder and Brendan Ryan shouldn’t be on the team. If you DFA Ryan, no one is going to pick him up.

"“We were faced with the decision of having to vote someone officially off the island and chose to keep all assets in place for us until we get to the deadline,” Cashman said. “I can get Refsnyder back. I can’t get somebody back if I have to designate them for assignment.”"

But why would you want Ryan back? He can’t stay healthy and when he does he can’t hit. So what value does he provide?  He’s a JAG as Bill Parcells would say. Just another guy.

The Yankees have a ton of guys they can call up for the bullpen. So if they don’t want to get a veteran piece I understand. If after the 31st they get rid of Ryan and bring back Rob Refsnyder then fine. They are better for it.

If they Yankees are going to keep their young talent then they need to give them a chance. If not, trade them and try to win a championship. Don’t get caught in the middle.

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