New York Yankees Editorial: Did the Yankees Make The Right Decision in Sending Down Rob Refsnyder?


On Sunday the New York Yankees decided to option second-base prospect Rob Refsnyder back to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. In doing so, Brian Cashman made it clear to Yankee fans that he’s electing to keep the platoon of Stephen Drew and Brendan Ryan over the highly-anticipated Rob Refsnyder as we enter the second half of the baseball season.

As expected, Yankees fans erupted in outrage. They took to social media, complaining about Drew and Ryan and their lack of offense in comparison to the 24-year old Rob Refsnyder.

However, GM Brian Cashman told Brendan Kuty of that this was the right move.


Well, despite Refsnyder going 2-for-12 with two RBI and a big home run against the Red Sox during his four game cup of coffee, Cashman said;

"“He helped us win games and I think he returns to Triple-A knowing he can play at this level.”"

Also, with the official MLB Trade Deadline just ten days away, and the Yankees just 3.5 games up on the Baltimore Orioles for the division lead, Cashman noted that his hands were a bit tied.

If he decided to designate Brendon Ryan for assignment, he would have ultimately been cut from the Yankees organization, which would have left the Yankees bench limited in terms of defensive substitutions as we near the end of the season. This makes a ton of sense considering the Yankees are gearing up for a playoff push and will need every win they can get if they want to make playoffs for the first time since 2012. Facts are facts, and subbing in the defensive magician in Brendan Ryan at the end of a close ballgame is a much better defensive option than Rob Refsnyder at this point in time.

"“It’s in our best interest currently to keep all assets in play,” Cashman said. “I can send Rob down. I can always get him back. If I had designated somebody, the landscape changes. I felt like it was in our best interest.”"

After all, Cashman didn’t rule out the possibility of the Yankees recalling Refsnyder at some point later on in the year. But for now, the Yankees will have to settle for Brendan Ryan and Stephen Drew. It makes sense to Brian Cashman, and when you take a look at the larger picture, it makes sense in terms of the Yankees current push for playoffs as well as their long-term future.

Cut Cashman some slack.

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