New York Yankees Editorial: Could Brett Gardner Face Fine Due To Cleats?


During Sunday’s game, the New York Yankees defeated the Seattle Mariners late in the game. At the start of the game, when outfielder Brett Gardner stepped into the box it was noticeable that he had sported a unique set of cleats, opposed to his normal tendencies.

Gardner donned all white New Balance spikes, popping out to the average viewer. During the telecast, play-by-play broadcaster Michael Kay referenced Gardner to iconic New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath and his nickname being “Broadway Joe”. Kay continued by going on to call Gardner, “Broadway Brett.”

Now, there could be a possibility in which the league could discipline the Yankees outfielder. According to article 1.11 (a) (1) in the official MLB rules, all players on the team must wear uniforms identical to color, trim, and style. Of course, the spikes Gardner had worn on Sunday’s game were not identical to others.

Following the game at Yankees’ Carlos Beltran‘s charity event, Gardner was asked about the spikes.

"“Just a one-time thing, man,” Gardner said Sunday night at a Carlos Beltran charity event at Gotham Hall. “Just today. Won’t happen again. Some guys wanted me to wear them. CC [Sabathia] was pitching today, and he was excited about them. So I said, ‘Why not?” (King and Braziller)."

This is not the first time a Yankee player was subject to their uniform appearance. Sabathia was asked by umpire Joe West to change his spikes on his cleats due to the informality at Fenway Park several years back.

The informality Gardner had provided does not necessarily mean he will be fined. The subject is being that Gardner could be warned, or even fined, due to his decision. By the looks of it, Gardner will not be sporting the all white spikes anytime soon.

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