New York Yankees Editorial: Gary Sanchez Is The Most Important Yankees Prospect


Yeah I said it. Gary Sanchez is the most important New York Yankees prospect especially over the next couple of weeks. The catcher is in AA where he made the All-Star team as well as the Futures Game. Sanchez got a $2.5 million bonus to sign with the Yankees when he was 16 and the Yankees put him on the 40 man roster before this season.

Brian Cashman talked about the new maturity in Sanchez.

"“You never know,” he said. “There are a lot of guys that keep churning through, dreaming on and hoping on. You’ve got to realize they’re young kids. Sometimes you expect them to be on a consistent basis that, with that age and that experience, you might be expecting too much. You have to remember where they are and what they are."

Sanchez may be the biggest trade chip the Yankees are willing to part with. With Brian McCann locked in and John Ryan Murphy young and backing him up, there isn’t much room for Sanchez or Austin Romine who was outrighted off the 40-man roster during Spring Training.

Young catching is a commodity. It’s something that the Yankees can use as a chip to get anyone they want. Philly would want him for Cole Hamels. If the Yankees want to get a bat, Sanchez could be used to get one of those as well.

We don’t know how this is going to unfold over the next two weeks before the deadline, but if the Yankees need that one big piece, Sanchez could be the guy. It’s imperative he continues to play well, not just for the Yankees, but to attract other teams as well.

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