New York Yankees News: Alex Rodriguez and Yankees Compromise For Iconic Baseball


It has been about two weeks now since YankeesAlex Rodriguez hit his iconic 3,000th hit at Yankee Stadium. Since then, Rodriguez has yet to claim the baseball, due to it being a home run. A man known as Zack Hample caught the baseball and has yet to figure out what he will be doing with the ball.

It has been confirmed that Hample and the Yankees have struck a deal that would involve a donation to Hample’s favorite charity known as Pitch In For Baseball. The amount of the donation will result to be $150,000, reported by ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Hample has been known to be a ball-hawking presence in the stands, claiming to have caught 8,000 baseballs during his attendance at games; this includes batting practice as well. With the extensive efforts to track where baseballs will end up, Hample found himself perfectly placed for Rodriguez’s home run, as well as his 3,000 hit.

Any player who had hit his 3,000 hit would surely want to receive the ball back, simply due to it being an entrance to an exclusive club that consists of only 29 members. Hample’s initial reaction was to retain the ball in his custody, keeping it away from Rodriguez and the Yankees.

Now before Yankees’ fans accuse Hample of being selfish, Hample has specified that he is talking with the Yankees, Rodriguez, and Pitch In For Baseball  in terms of a donation, as stated earlier. It seems that after two meetings with the Yankees, Hample has compromised a deal.

In contrast, Derek Jeter hit his 3,000th hit in similar fashion, that being on a home run. The individual, known as Christian Lopez, immediately gave the iconic ball back to Jeter and seems to have no regrets. Lopez stated his opinion in regards of Hample’s decision to hold the ball until further notice.

"“It’s really his decision to make. He has to live with it no matter what. That’s his call” (New York Daily News, Lorenzo)."

As the Yankees attempt to attain Rodriguez’s 3,000 hit from Hample, you could expect more than just memorabilia. As of now, we are unsure if there are any memorabilia or addition to the donation that Hample will be receiving, but in the end, it seems as if everyone wins.

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