New York Yankees Editorial: The Five Prospects Who Improved the Yankees Farm System

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3. Gary Sanchez

It feels like the Yankees, and the media have been talking about Sanchez forever. Sanchez is still in his early twenties, even though he has been talked about for years. Sanchez’s main problem was maturity, and this year he has taken major strides and started to mature.

Brian Cashman and the Yankees  always knew Gary Sanchez’s bat would play in the major league level. The question was with his glove, and maturity. Sanchez has started to mature as a baseball player, and has become better behind the plate. They way he has improved being a catcher is with his flexibility. Since his flexibility is better at receiving low strikes, and just generally better at being a catcher. The Yankees now believe he can be a catcher at the next level if he keeps working at becoming better defensively. Sanchez is currently hurt with a knuckle injury. There is no time-table for him to return, but hopefully he continues to improve his overall game.

Sanchez is supposed to join Aaron Judge in the MiLB Futures Game.