New York Yankees Editorial: The Five Prospects Who Improved the Yankees Farm System

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2. Aaron Judge

Judge is a 6 foot 7 inch outfielder, and has light tower power. Judge will play in the futures game this year, and many believe will be a major factor next season for the Yankees. Judge has been compared to Giancarlo Stanton, and Dave Winfield.

"‘I love the kid’s makeup, but there are just so few 6-7 players to compare him against that I hesitate to guarantee he will be a star,’ one scout says. ‘The power is outrageous’"

Aaron Judge started the year in Double A, and mashed the competition. He was called up early in June to Triple A. With all the injuries that have happened to the outfield, Judge could be the next in line to be called up. Most likely Judge will be a factor on next year’s roster. Judge will also be great in the outfield with a cannon for an arm, just like Stanton on the Marlins.