New York Yankees Editorial: Joe Girardi Ejected In Win


Though New York Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi‘s ejection on Wednesday wasn’t as firework-filled as his first of the season with CC Sabathia at his side, he still got a good word in, and rightfully so. It was only Joe’s second ejection, and both had the fans’ undivided attention.

The anger could’ve started right from the bottom half of the first inning. Cole Hamels beaned Alex Rodriguez, in what seemed like pay back for the notion of the Yankees intentionally hitting Phillies player, Maikel Franco in yesterday’s game. Once Alex got hit, both sides were warned.

To the third, with Franco up again, and what seemed like an easy call (which would’ve been strike three) was not made, and Joe started going off in the dugout. After throwing whatever items he was holding he ran up the steps to start screaming at the ump at first base, the one who said Franco did indeed not swing. How ironic, that next pitch Franco swung out on a check swing, and all seemed to be for nothing.

The ejection seemed a bit premature as Girardi only appeared to be hollering from the dugout, which happens a lot from managers, but most of the time it doesn’t warrant the ticket to an early lunch. After he was ejected, he seemed to go into the ‘bang for your buck’ mode, and then decided it was the time to go shout in someones face.

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