New York Yankees News: Mariano Rivera prays for the Yankees in Israel


After starting the season lights out, the New York Yankees bullpen has been more shaky of late.  Their former closer, Mariano Rivera, who is the MLB’s all-time saves leader, recently spent time in Israel, and although he feels that the bullpen is doing well without him, he felt that he should still pray for his former team:

"They have a tremendous bullpen.  They have a great team, period.  Hopefully, they will continue doing the job that they have been doing for all this time.  I hope and pray that they will continue."

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Rivera, who spent the day visiting the Tower of David, and other historic sites in Jerusalem, retired after the 2013 season with 652 saves and 42 in the postseason, cementing his place as baseball’s greatest closer of all-time.

While many players miss the game of baseball after retiring, Rivera, similar to longtime teammate Derek Jeter, seems to be enjoying traveling and other post-baseball aspects of life.  Unlike Jeter, however, it will be hard for Rivera to stay away, as his son, Mariano Rivera III, will soon begin his professional career.  The younger Rivera has agreed to a $410,700 signing bonus with the Washington Nationals after being drafted in the fourth round of the 2015 MLB draft.

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