New York Yankees Editorial: Miami Embraces Hometown Player in Alex Rodriguez


It was the top of the ninth with two outs, and Alex Rodriguez came in to pinch hit for Stephen Drew. The crowd all stood up, and started to cheer. It was Miami’s hometown boy coming to bat. The fans did not seem to care that A-Rod could cause the Marlins to lose with one swing they were going to give him a standing ovation.

In every town Alex Rodriguez has been to this year he has been booed, not just the usual booing for an average player, but a torrential downpour of boos.  All those other cities are not A-Rod’s hometown, this community A-Rod has embrace, he donates lots of money to the Boys and Girl’s club in Miami.

"It’s always great to be back home; Miami is where family is,’ Rodriguez said. ‘I have a bus of people coming in today; family, friends, my daughters are here, high school coach, Little League coach, my seventh grade teacher. You name it. So obviously I’m very excited. Never thought I’d get the opportunity again to play in front of the home fans."

Even thought the Yankees lost both games in Miami,  it is nice to see stories like Alex Rodriguez returning home. A-Rod who has always been in the American League, does not get many chances to go back to play in Miami. It was even tougher now that he has become a permanent DH for the Yankees.

I believe the stadium would have erupted if Alex Rodriguez was able to hit a pinch hit home run, alas that was not in the cards, and the Yankees continue their struggles.

The silver lining in this series with the Miami Marlins is that I am very happy for Alex Rodriguez getting a chance to play in his hometown, which he has greatly appreciated these last few days.

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