New York Yankees Editorial: 5 Reason Why Bryce Harper will be a New York Yankee

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1. Scott Boras

The off-season is always interesting when big free agents are a Scott Boras client. Last year it was Max Scherzer, who got a major deal. Scott Boras was Alex Rodriguez’s agent, and A-Rod of course had the biggest contract in baseball for quite some time. The New York Yankees in particular deal with Scott Boras more often than not (we are all living with that A-Rod contract). Boras client’s are usually the best free agents in the particular class.

In 201,9 Scott Boras big prize free agent will be Bryce Harper. Harper’s free agent year has the potential to be Scott Boras biggest contract he has ever been apart, and he has been involved in monster contracts. A Boras client always demands an outrageous amount of money, like when Jayson Werth received a seven year 126 million dollar deal from the Nationals. Boras’s clients tend to go to new teams for a lot of money. If you do not expect Harper to leave the Nationals for the most amount money with Scott Boras as his client you are very delusional.