New York Yankees Editorial: 5 Reason Why Bryce Harper will be a New York Yankee

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This summer Bryce Harper has become the man plain and simple. He is the NL MVP right now for the Washington Nationals. Bryce Harper not only has become an MVP contender this year, but has become the face of the National League, and one of the faces in baseball. In 2019, Harper will be hitting his prime. More importantly he will be a free agent, and there will be the bidding war. Bryce Harper is a talent that is one for the ages, and he will be hitting his prime just as he hits free agency. The New York Yankees should be in the hunt for this superstar. If Bryce Harper is smart he will see the light, and will join the Yankee Universe.

Here are five reasons why the New York Yankees will sign Bryce Harper in 2019. One of the reasons why Harper should be a Yankee was not that he grew up a massive Yankee fan, and idolized Mickey Mantle, but that could be another reason. Every person dreams of playing for your favorite team, and Harper will have that chance in 2019.