New York Yankees Editorial: Masahiro Tanaka the Ace the Yankees Need


When the Yankees signed Masahiro Tanaka, they knew they were getting a great pitcher, but Tanaka is also an amazing competitor. Coming off the disabled list Tanaka has been able to tweak his game, and is better than he has ever been.

Joe Girardi talked to the media about how impressive Masahiro Tanaka has been in his first two starts off the DL.

"‘I think it’s very similar,’ Girardi said. ‘You talk about efficiency in those two starts, that’s about as efficient as he’s ever been, I would think. You talk about the amount of pitches he’s thrown in two seven-inning games, so I think his stuff is where it was last year.’"

Masahiro Tanaka stuff has been so great, and with how effective he has been with his pitch count, Tanaka has never been better. With that slight tear in his elbow, Tanaka knew he had to change his style a bit. He is attacking hitters more, and able to put hitters away with his splitter, that could be the best splitter in baseball.

Not only did Joe Girardi talk about how great Masahiro Tanaka has been, but players on the team has talked about how dominant he has been since his return from the disabled list. Stephen Drew, who knows how not to hit better than anybody, talked about how filthy Tanaka stuff has been.

"The velocity and everything’s there and when he has that, it plays up because of the split and the slider and these guys, the hitters that you see, they’re really off balance, which is good."

With how sharp Masahiro Tanka has been hitters have to come in with great game plan to hit the Yankee ace. If the hitters try to work the pitch count they will struggle, since Tanaka has been getting ahead of the hitters. Once Tanaka is ahead of the count the hitter is done, and mostly walking back to the bench with a K.

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