New York Yankees Editorial: Is James Kaprielian on the Fast Track to MLB?


With the 16th overall selection in the 2015 MLB draft, the New York Yankees selected James Kaprielian, a 21-year old right-handed pitcher out of UCLA. It was the Yankees highest draft selection in over 22 years, and they even passed on the big name Braidy Aiken to select him, which is added fuel to the high expectations that the Yankees have for the young right-hander.

Kaprielian, a Laguna Hills, California native, is said to be one of the most established starting pitchers of the 2015 draft class, and has had great success with the UCLA Bruins. This season he’s 10-4  with a 2.03 ERA. According to his scouting reports, his fastball averages in the low to mid 90s, but his real put away pitch is his devastating 12-6 curveball.

So when should we expect to see this young man don the pinstripe uniform in the Bronx?

Well according to Ryan Hatch of, the young-right hander had this to say:

"“I think anybody who wants to be [in the big leagues] needs to be able to hold that vision and have the confidence to get to that point,” Kaprielian said via phone call on Tuesday to a pool of reporters. “Obviously my goal is to become a major league baseball player.”"

Given the rare exceptions of players like ex-Yankee Jim Abbott, the great Sandy Koufax and ‘Mr.Clutch’ Dave Winfield, major league draft picks for the most part are usually a year or two away reaching the major leagues, especially when it comes to pitching prospects. But given his experience and overall skill set, Kaprielian is a player who could be in the big leagues sooner rather than later.

Skipper Joe Girardi expressed his excitement of the first two Yankee draft selections to Hatch as well:

"“It’s been more college kids that obviously we hope move very quickly.”"

Key word: Quickly.

Kaprielian is yet to sign with the New York Yankees, and interestingly enough he’s represented by the kingpin Scott Brass. According to Hatch, he hopes to sign soon.

What do you think Yankee fans? Should we fast track him, or let him develop in the minors?

Let us know in the comments below!

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