New York Yankees Editorial: This Week In Yankees Baseball


New York Yankees News. Well hello there everybody, welcome to This Week In Yankees Baseball! The Boys From The Bronx are red hot, riding a six game winning streak. And they are looking forward to cashing in on an extra first round pick during this week´s draft, which they gained from allowing David Robertson to leave.

On Sunday, CC Sabathia showed once again why he is regarded as a consummate professional. The storyline should have been about his reaching the 2500 strike out plateau in Sunday´s win against the Angels. Instead, the focus was diverted to his getting tossed from the game for questioning balls and strikes. 

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“All I was trying to figure out was where he was calling that pitch, if it was down or not. He’d been calling it all day,” Sabathia said according to MLBcom. “I guess he didn’t want me to ask him.”

Manager Joe Girardi bolted out of the dugout to defend CC. “We just want consistency, that’s all,” Girardi said, also according to “So to throw my pitcher out for asking where a pitch is without giving him enough, I have a problem with that.”

The good sign is that the fight is back in the Yankees. Some may say it never left. But it sure seems more evident this year than it was in the last two. Perhaps it is coming from the resurgence of Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez. Perhaps it is coming from the dominance at the end of the bullpen with Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. Perhaps it is simply due to their rise back to the top of the division.

Whatever the reason, this team has an air of confidence that it has not walked with in awhile. And why not. The return of Jacoby Ellsbury and Ivan Nova is reportedly only a matter of time. Ellsbury and Brett Gardner are as capable a duo as any pair at the top of any lineup in the majors. And Masahiro Tanaka looked dominant in his outing against the Mariners this week. He allowed only one run in seven innings.

As for Sabathia, the consummate pro is taking it all in stride. “I’ve been around a long time. I always say, ‘When I retire, I can look back and say that’s a big deal, he said, also according to ¨But right now, I’m just in the middle of the season, and trying to help this team win some games.”

And winning they are. Six straight and in first place. How about that!

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