New York Yankees Editorial: Masahiro Tanaka Performance has Given Hope


The Yankees have many flaws, but so does the AL East, and when the Yankees are able to bring back an ace, Masahiro Tanaka, back from the DL it gives the Yankees hope. On Wednesday Tanaka came off the DL, and was electric. His pitching performance has the Yankee Universe dreaming of a deep playoff run.

What made Masahiro Tanaka great in 2014 was his great velocity, and fantastic split-finger fastball. In the beginning of 2015 people were very worried about Tanaka’s arm, due to a dip in velocity. Wednesday, however the velocity was back in a big way. Masahiro Tanaka was able to be very effective with his pitches, and hit 95 mph on the radar gun several times.

The Yankee players are very excited to add Mashiro Tanaka back to the rotation in hope to bring stability. This Yankee team is a team that will streak have hot streaks, and cold streaks by adding Tanaka to the rotation, hopefully he can be the ace to stop a losing streak. Mark Teixeira, was vocal about how key the return of Mashiro Tanaka.

"‘We need him,’ he said. ‘If we’re going to get where we think we can go, we need him to pitch like that.’"

People can be negative and talk about how  Tanaka faced a struggling Seattle Mariners team. They can be negative, and say that Tanaka still has a tear in his elbow, and should just get Tommy John.

However, I want to stay positive, and I believe Tanaka has built up his arm strength. Tanaka of old will be back for the Yankees and help the Yankees win the AL East. If I did not think positive about this situation I would be a Mets fan, and nobody should deal with that pain.

In a team filled with inconstancy it would be great if Masahiro Tanaka could become the constant ace the New York Yankees need.

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