New York Yankees Editorial: Stephen Drew Is Not Concerned With Your Opinion


Stephen Drew‘s season on the field has been more than an utter disappointment. Contributing to the New York Yankees is certainly a priority, but with the lack of production from Drew, it’s difficult for the Yankees to maximize their capabilities.

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After re-signing with the Yankees in the offseason, primarily as a second baseman, Drew looked to build off his insignificant 2014 season, one in which he batted .150 in 46 games with the Yankees.

Unfortunately, things would not look better, at least for the start of the 2015 season. Currently, Drew holds a .160 batting average and .532 on-base plus slugging. To say the least, these are numbers that should not be accepted as a starting position in the Major Leagues.

Given the statistics, Drew understands the situation, but disregards fan’s dissatisfaction with his production. When talking to reporters at Coliseum he emphasized, “It’s not the end of the year for me. People can boo. The 25 guys are what matters and winning games are what matter.”

The 32-year-old does provide a veteran presence in the locker room. By playing alongside shortstop Didi Gregorius, there is more than likely a mentoring technique Drew had implemented.

“It’s not the end of the year for me. People can boo.” – Stephen Drew

Although providing leadership off-field, manager Joe Girardi benched the veteran in favor for rookie Jose Pirela, which eventually resulted in a loss. As stated earlier, to maximize the organization’s ability, each player must be able to contribute, but with the starting second baseman not providing a positive effect, it makes it difficult on the 24 others. This in no way justifies for other’s struggles as well.

Earlier in the year, Joel Sherman of the New York Post attempted to make an argument that the Gregorius and Drew duo could play as a strength for the Yankees, but as the year has progressed, it seems more and more likely that the corner infielders are nothing but a sub-par duo on the field and a big negative in terms of the batting lineup.

Although Drew is focused on improving, and tuning out the noise that comes with being a professional ballplayer in the shadows of the New York media, it should be known that without change in his approach, there will be changes, perhaps significant changes soon enough.