Yankees Editorial: Slade Heathcott Soaks In First MLB Start


Though the New York Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers in a tough 10-9 loss to start Memorial Day Weekend, but there was something to be happy about, for the fans, and for a specific player. With Jacoby Ellsbury on the 15-Day DL, Slade Heathcott was called up to take his place. His first action for the team was the game before in which he came on to pinch run, but he made his first full start the next day and it was all more memorable.

As the Yankees fans are famous for doing, Slade got his first real taste of New York with the well known roll call. When he came up for his first at-bat he experience something even better. With a 2-2 count, Slade ripped a liner into left-center, and even though he isn’t Jacoby Ellsbury, he still had enough speed to make it into a double. Despite being down 7-0 at the time, that was something for the team and fans to strive on. Heathcott’s family was there too, something that doesn’t happen for veteran’s. It was probably the best moment of the game to see with the Yankees comeback falling short.

Of course, what comes with making a Major League debut for the New York Yankees?


While he had success throughout the night, and got on base three times, wanting to make an impact on the game is still something that weighs on you more when you’re making the first MLB start of your career. Heathcott made sure to soak in any moments through the game, and was able to relax more and more.

The Yankees are looking for Slade to do all he can with Ells’ being out. He surely made a great first impression, and has to continue if he wants to remain in the Bronx.

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