Yankees Editorial: Alex Rodriguez Enjoyed Some Nice Views While In Washington


Before returning home, the New York Yankees had a short two game series in Washington D.C. against the Nationals. With the old fashioned rules of the National League, there was no DH allowed, meaning the Yankees were basically without Alex Rodriguez. Arod only had two at-bats in the two game series, striking out in both. However he did have some time to get a tourist’s view of the city between games.

He started Tuesday by visiting the Georgetown’s basketball facility.

Next on Wednesday he gave a visit to the Capitol building where he was caught in a very ‘Arod’ picture, in black and white.

After all the sightseeing, the Yankees headed back to New York to take on the Texas Rangers in a three game series starting Friday. Without the foolish NL ruling we’ll be able to see Alex back at the plate in his regular DH position.

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