Yankee Editorial: The Secret is Out, The Yankees are Really Good


Do you guys want to know a secret? The Yankees are actually good! Sports are always better with a villain, the Oakland Raiders in the eighties, the Bad Boys (Detroit Pistons), and of course the New York Yankees

Mike Royko, a Chicago newspaper columnist said, “Hating the Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers and cheating on your income tax.”

All the media is talking about Alex Rodriguez not getting paid his six million dollar bonus, or the great mustaches the team is growing, but in-between that the Yankees are winning a lot of baseball games. The Yankees are only a half game out of having the best record in the American League, and have a two game lead in the division.

With a healthy lineup, a solid starting rotation, and a fantastic bullpen the New York Yankees are here to stay. Being in AL East can really help, since all the teams in the divisions have major flaws.

In an article written by David Schoenfield, he sums up this Yankee team perfectly, while they are the Yankees, and they are the villains, this team is very likable.

"The Yankees are good. They’re not going away, especially in what’s shaping up to be a mediocre AL East. This isn’t the year we get to bury the Yankees. This is a Stephen King novel come to life, and the Yankees are once again the bad guys … only they’re disguised as the good guys."

The Yankees are coming together as a team, and there are bunch of likable guys, even if they are all very rich. The top of the order in Jacoby Ellsbury, and Brett Gardner has been a great spark plug. Then the Yankees have an emerging ace in Michael Pineda who has a 54 to 3 strikeout to walk ratio. Then there is the back-end of the bullpen, that continues to be lights out.

The Yankees are back to being a very good team, and our a threat to everybody in the American League.

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