Blue Jays Fans Try To Distract Brian McCann During At Bat With Lights


Aah Toronto. The Blue Jays have been accused of a lot when they play at home the last couple seasons. From team employees stealing signs with binoculars to MLB investigating how much the ball bounces on its AstroTurf, Rogers Centre is used to rumors of not playing by the rules.

Wednesday possibly brought a new element to Toronto, as fans in left center field appeared to try to distract batters with shining lights. Particularly, Joe Girardi took issue during one of Brian McCann‘s at bats. McCann said that he did not notice, but Girardi is always quick to make sure his players are protected.

Unlike the other issues mentioned above, this is not a team issue. Fans have reputations by city, but anyone in any stadium can be a jerk if they want to. This issue has nothing to do with the city of Toronto or Blue Jays fans. Unfortunately, these fans did not understand the ramifications of their actions and chose to act like children. Luckily, no one was injured and the game went on without a hitch.

It is important to note that the fans turned the lights back on when Russell Martin of the Blue Jays was batting. So rather than irritating only Yankees players, the fans were trying to annoy anyone they could.

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