Yankees News: Add Yankees To Teams Who Don’t Like Toronto’s Turf


Maybe it’s time for the Blue Jays to get some grass. Teams have complained all season long about how weird Toronto’s Astroturf. When opposing team’s contact the commissioner’s office about the turf and even thought of boycotting the game it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

You can add the Yankees to the teams that have issues with the turf.

Yankees third base and infield Joe Espada talked to NJ.com about the different issues with Toronto’s turf.

"Espada said he had heard of other teams taking issue with the turf and that its problems became clear while players took defensive practice before Monday’s game.His biggest worry was the rubber pellets, called crumb rubber. After a ball hits the turf, the crumbs spray and land unevenly, Espada said. That causes the pellets to clump and potentially knock grounders off their true paths, he said.Another problem? The seams, Espada said.Several of them run straight through the infield, the deepest apparently directly behind the mound. If a ball strikes the seam, it could go errant, Esapada said. Seams also go through the shallow portion of the outfield, making already-difficult plays harder for infielders who aren’t used to fielding ground balls out there in the first place."

Toronto is supposed to get actual grass in Rogers Centre by 2018. However, for the next three years there are going to be problems for all teams that play on it. We’ll see if more teams join the O’s and the Yankees. Maybe it’ll make Toronto switch to grass sooner.

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