Yankee Editorial: Yankees Watch the Big Fight Together


This Saturday was one of the biggest sporting days in recent memory. The day started off with a Yankees victory over the Red Sox, then, the Kentucky Derby, followed by Game 7 of the Spurs vs Clippers game, and finally finished with the Manny Pacuiao v. Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight. The Yankees, as a team decided to watch the big fight together, instead of going their separate ways.

The Yankees rented out a big room in their hotel, and watched it on a TV. I was shocked looking at the picture how small the TV was, and them not using some projection screen. Here is a link to the photo of the Yankees watching the fight.

Even if that fight was boring (Sorry boxing purist it was) it was great to see the team all together in a non-baseball format. Baseball is the sport where clubhouse carries the most weight. These players are with each other for March till late October, early November (hopefully). It is important that these guys can get along with each other, and build some team camaraderie. With watching the fight and the team growing mustaches, it looks like this Yankee team is as close as they have ever been.

The Yankees have a team rule that no one player or coach can grow hair below the lip. In recent history lots of teams have grown out their beards for team unity. The 2013 Red Sox had all the beards, and won the World Series, but the Yankees have a great twist on it, mustaches. Everyone on the team is trying to grow out their mustache, and I love the idea. The clubhouse is a little more fun, the energy is a little higher when people enjoy hanging out with each other.

What do you think about all the Yankees watching the game together?

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