Yankees Editorial: The Dual Threat Of Betances And Miller


The New York Yankees have surprised a lot of people this season with their performances throughout the team. However two things have helped them more than any other. Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller have lived up to the term “lethal” so far, making hitters look foolish. The two have 42 combined strikeouts (21 each), but most importantly their Earned Run Aeverages are still big goose eggs.

Along with Betances and Miller, the Yankees bullpen is what’s keeping the games in perfect condition before the last two innings when they usually appear. Dellin has came in during the seventh a couple times this year, but still managed to end any threat. Then in tight games Andrew Miller is flawless in close situations. The dual threat of Dellin and Miller are the best in the league, and the bullpen together is second best behind the Kansas City Royals right now. That bullpen is the main reason the Royals got to the World Series last year, that added on with defense, and contact hitting. Though the Yankees are carrying on with both power and contact, it’s a very similar situation.

Though it took Dellin a little longer to get going, he seems to be where he was last year with his velocity and command. Andrew Miller who has never been a set closer has already broke a record previously held by Mariano Rivera. That record was seven saves in the first 20 games, Miller now holds it with eight. He also have nine saves in as many attempts after Friday nights 3-2 win over the Boston Red Sox.  The Yankees bullpen is exactly what it was thought to be right now, a brick wall that’s making it hard for other teams to even get a run in later innings. the dual threat of Betances and Miller are exactly what the team thought it was going to be as well. They are doing their part and more in winning games for the team, and play one of if not the biggest part in the team being in first place.

If they keep up the same kind of work as they are now, the Yankees will have one part of the team that doesn’t have questions surrounding it, a very important part.

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