Yankees News: Alex Rodriguez working with Didi Gregorius at shortstop


Before his trade to the New York Yankees and all the steroids allegations, Alex Rodriguez was viewed throughout baseball as the best shortstop of his time, and had the potential to become the best of all-time.  This was mostly for his bat, but his glove wasn’t at all shabby, as he won two Gold Gloves as a shortstop.

Rodriguez, who famously moved to third base when acquired by the Yankees prior to the 2004 season to accommodate Derek Jeter, has been working with Jeter’s replacement, Didi Gregorius, to help the young shortstop improve defensively:

"The one thing about playing shortstop that I tried to convey to him was positioning, cadence, and also that internal clock that a shortstop needs.  You only get that with preparation and experience."

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Yankees infield coach Joe Espada approached Rodriguez two days ago about offering feedback to Gregorius, as he felt that Rodriguez’s experience was something that could help the youngster:

"I wanted Didi to hear it from one of his teammates.  He’s a guy that’s played 20 years on that side of the infield.  There’s a lot of experience, there’s a lot of knowledge there.  I just want Didi to have someone to relate to some of that play on that side of the infield.  I thought the session went really well."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi added that Rodriguez’s experience could help Gregorius immensely:

"If you think about Alex, he was a great shortstop that was willing to move over to third.  He’s played in big markets; he’s played in big games.  Alex loves the game.  Alex is a teacher by nature, and he also studies the game a lot and just wants to learn.  I think it comes natural for him."

While everybody was giving Rodriguez the praise for his abilities, and willingness to offer help, Rodriguez bestowed praise on Gregorius:

"The abilities are off the charts.  I said that in Spring Training, we saw that in Spring Training.  He’s got the things you can’t teach; incredible range, great arm strength.  People forget, he’s only been playing shortstop for eight years.  The more he comes out, the more he gets experience, the better he’s going to be."

Remember, Rodriguez worked with Didi at the beginning of Spring Training, so this isn’t the first praise he’s offered the young shortstop who is trying to replaceJeter.  While Rodriguez is one of baseball’s most hated players of all-time, he seems like he has the natural ability to coach, as young players seem eager to work with him.If working with Rodriguez helps Gregorius cut back on his early season blunders, it will be crucial for the Yankees playoffs hopes, especially as Gregorius struggles at the plate.

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