Yankees Editorial: Time To Give Up On Didi?


When the Yankees traded Shane Greene for Didi Gregorius in the three-team deal earlier in the off-season, I thought it was nice move. Gregorius is young, and by all accounts, good with the glove. Is the offense there? No, but that could develop with time. Not everyone is Mike Trout when they come up to the show.

Maybe I’m being too quick to judge. Maybe things will get better. However, once Brendan Ryan comes back off the DL it’s time to use the last option on Didi and send him to AAA. I’ve had enough.

Is Ryan Mickey Mantle with the stick? No. But I’d rather see CC Sabathia with a bat in his hand than Didi at this point. At least Ryan will make plays defensively. 

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There have been too many times that Didi has looked like the little leaguer that has no clue what to do on the field. Remember that attempt to steal third on opening day and making the final out of an inning? How about his underhand flip of a potential double play ball in Detroit earlier this week? How about the fact that he’s hitting .204 with a -0.5 WAR so far?

Maybe 15 games is too quick to judge. The fans aren’t helping by chanting Derek Jeter‘s name with every mistake he makes. Jeter ain’t walking through that door. He’s a once in a generation player. We were lucky to see him play. Get over it. By the way, 2012 was the last time he was any good.

When Ryan comes back, Didi should head to AAA. When Jose Pirela comes back, if Ryan isn’t hitting, Stephen Drew should move to short and Pirela should start at second base.

The Yankees are hot right now. However, they aren’t optimized quite yet. One way would be to send Didi down to AAA for some more seasoning. Let him play with Rob Refsnyder everyday. Let Didi possibly develop a little bit more.

He continues to be a black hole in all facets of the game. It’s time to pull the plug before he really starts to cost the Yankees games.

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