Alex Rodriguez is Having More Fun Than Ever


When Alex Rodriguez was suspend for the entire year, he could have just turned his back on baseball. A-Rod had more than enough money to retire, and baseball did not want him anymore. However, instead of retiring, A-Rod has come back and has been one of the most productive players on the Yankee this year.

How is he so productive one may ask? I believe one of the reasons he has been so successful is how relaxed his approach has been in 2015. While the media wants to continue talking about Alex Rodriguez’s past, he has put it behind him. A-Rod is just enjoying the game he had fallen in love with as he was as a young kid on the streets of Washington Heights.

"“I’m having fun, man, I’m having fun,’ Rodriguez told USA TODAY Sports. ‘I’m telling you, I’m having the time of my life.”"

While the Yankee management is trying to ignore Alex Rodriguez his manager, Joe Girardi, has been singing the spry 39 year old baseball player.

"“Alex has been playing great, he’s doing everything you want. You look at the run production that we’ve gotten from him, and a lot of our wins are directly as a result of what he has done in certain games.”"

A-Rod’s hot start has saved the Yankees from a horrific start to this season. He has an on-base percentage of .418 which is in the top 10 in the American League. A-Rod is also top 10 in the AL in RBIs with 11, and is top 5 in the AL in walks.

Alex Rodriguez has been able to put the past behind him, and just playing. It was easy to forget that this guy was named the next superstar before he even took any steroids. A-Rod may be pushing 40, but he is the face of the Yankees, and with his production he can lead the Yankees back to meaningful games in September and October.

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