Yankees Editorial: If Josh Hamilton Gets Cut Should The Yankees Be Interested?


A buddy of mine recently posed this question on his Facebook page with all the news surrounding Josh Hamilton and his possible buyout from the Los Angeles Angels. Hamilton is going through a lot. Not just the issues with the Angels, Hamilton is also going through a divorce.

So if Hamilton is bought out, should the Yankees be interested?

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Well, how does he fit on the roster?  The Yankees already have a bunch of outfielders.

Carlos Beltran

is struggling.

Chris Young

has played well.

Garrett Jones

? Not so much. That could be the role for Hamilton.

Alex Rodriguez, Chase Headley and Brian McCann can backup Mark Teixeira at first. Hamilton can be used off the bench against righties, he can DH and he can play some outfield as well. It would give Joe Girardi a ton of options.

Would Hamilton want to do that? How much money would he take to be back in the major leagues? He was a free agent just a couple of years ago and the Yankees decided to pass him by. Probably for the reasoning of what the Angels and he are going through right now.

With all of the off the field issues he has, would New York  exactly be the best fit for him? Are the Yankees prepared to also have someone take care of Hamilton like the Rangers did when Hamilton was at the top of his game?

There are way too many negatives that will outweigh any positives that Hamilton could give them. If Hamilton is healthy and has his mind right he could be really good, but there’s too many variables, and I don’t think Brian Cashman would take that kind of risk.

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