Yankees Editorial: A Complete Team Makes History In Tampa


The New York Yankees headed into Tampa to take on the Rays with a 3-6 record, they got a sweep at Tropicana Field, and came out even at 6-6. It was their first sweep at The Trop since 2005, and it took a combined team effort to get the job done.

The Yankees looked like the complete team fans know they could be down in Tampa, their starting pitching and the bullpen pitched up to their expectation, the batting was certainly there, as was run support in much needed times. The Yanks poured on 19 runs over the weekend, and allowed just seven.

It’s no secret that the biggest x-factor this weekend was the New York Yankees bullpen.

This off-season, right after the Yankees signed Andrew Miller, much was made of who would be the teams closer. With Dellin Betances coming off a break-out performance, it was thought he would move to that position with the departure of David Robertson. Others thought he wasn’t quite ready to assume that roll with his young age, and though it was an amazing season, it was just one. It seems as if things have worked itself out in that situation, with Miller’s success on his first couple of save opportunities and Dellin Betances  getting of to a rocky start, the duo seems to work best with Miller as the closer and Betances as a set-up man.

Manager Joe Girardi hasn’t technically named a set closer yet, but the duo of Betances and Miller is lethal no matter what order they come out in. Together their ERA is a goose egg in a combined 13 innings. Miller has struck out 12 in six innings, Dellin with eight in seven. Whether a set decision is coming in the near future, or if Girardi is just going to ride this out remains to be seen, but he certainly isn’t complaining.

The Yankees looked like a complete team over the weekend series, and with a tough series against the Tigers, their team is coming together at a very opportune time.

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