Yankees News: Wilking Rodriguez Suspended 80 Games for Banned Substance


Wilking Rodriguez, a Yankees pitching prospect, has been suspended for 80 games for taking the banned substance of Furosemide.  The drugs is intended for people who have kidney disease, an enlarge bladder, or any other urination problems. Rodriguez used this drug as a masking drug, most likely hiding some type of steroid or human growth hormone.

Wilking Rodriguez was up this year, and had a decent spring training. He started the 2015 season in Triple-A Scranton before being suspended for 80 games. Joe Girardi talked about the prospect today, and was disappointed.

"“It’s not what you want to see. He threw the ball well for us in spring training. It’s not what you want to see but it’s what we’re still dealing with.”"

Clearly Joe Girardi was not happy about the suspension, and does not understand why people take these banned substance. When asked to comment on the young right hander, he said;

"“It’s a risk that players take when they don’t know what they’re putting in their body or when they put what they know is illegal and think they’re going to get away with it. I don’t understand it but it’s the world we live in.”"

I know Joe Girardi has to make that type of comment, but I think the average fan can understand why you would take a substance, especially if you are Wilking Rodriguez.  He is a young pitcher who is so close to making it to the major leagues, and he feels that the extra kick can get him there.

Coming from Venezuela, Rodriguez did not grow up with much. He did not have the facilities that people have in America. For lots of children in Venezuela, baseball is their escape from the terrible living conditions that encompass their country.

What do you guys think of the suspension? Would you take steroids if you were a Triple A player, and a substance could help you get to the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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