Yankees Editorial: What Happens When Jose Pirela Can Come Back?


Jose Pirela was probably going to make the New York Yankees roster. Then the crash into the wall happened against the Mets in spring training. That caused the concussion and we haven’t heard from him since. Pirela was cleared for baseball activities earlier this week and should play in extended spring training games next week. He’s probably a couple of weeks from returning, but the question remains, what do you do when he can come back?

What if Didi Gregorius is still offering sub-Mendoza line production? Do you send him to AAA and get Pirela up to start at second? Rob Refsnyder is only hitting .217 in AAA so far in a very small sample of at-bats. If he’s hitting what do you do then? 

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Is the simplest thing to do send down Gregorio Petit? Petit may not be on the roster for long. Brendan Ryan may rejoin the team as early as Friday in Tampa Bay.  The way Gregorius has been playing on all fronts, Ryan may be able to steal some time from him, even if Ryan can hit a little more than Didi has been.

With the age the Yankees have, by the time Pirela is ready, one of their aging vets could be hurt and it could be very easy to plug Pirela in and let him go from all sorts of spots. Pirela’s versatility and youth offers a fresh change to a team that has neither of those. That’s why Joe Girardi has to rest guys every night to keep them fresh, even less than 10 games into the 2015 season.

Pirela, when healthy, can be a huge asset for the Yankees. He had limited action last season, but you saw a glimpse of potential there. He could be the first guy in the wave of Yankees prospects we all hear about.

When healthy he has to be on the roster. One way or another.

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