Yankees Editorial: Alex Rodriguez Said Not To Panic, And He Was Right


When the New York Yankees were 1-4 just a couple of days ago, it seemed as though all hell broke loose in the club. As if five games gave us an early glimpse of how the rest of the season was going to go. There was one player who spoke publicly on behalf of the team, as to why these notions are completely false.

Alex Rodriguez spoke out after the 8-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox. “I think the team showed a lot of grit Friday, a lot of character”. A loss is a loss, but you cant say they aren’t showing the character he’s speaking of. Alex stepping up to a leadership role, even after all he has gone through with this team the last two seasons shows his character as well. With the loss of Derek Jeter there were a lot of speculations as to who the new leader of this team would be. CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, and even Brett Gardner were some names to be thrown around, but not much of Alex.

This past NFL season, Aaron Rodgers stepped up to tell the Green Bay Packers fan base to “RELAX”. Even if Alex is having to do that much earlier compared to when Rodgers had to in the season, his faith in the team is there. So when the Yankees were on the brink of being swept by the Red Sox yesterday, his faith in the team didn’t seem so foolish after the game (or even the first inning).

The Yankees brought the term Bronx Bombers back to life, on the Red Sox’ number one pitcher Clay Buchholz. A seven run first inning was lead by who other than Alex himself, with a bases clearing double. That inning would be all the Yankees needed with a 14-4 win, moving to 2-4 on the season.

Though the Yankees haven’t looked pretty at all this season, there’s a lot of expectations hanging on a lot of players heads. Right now it seems Didi Gregorius is the one being effected the most so far, whether he wants to admit it or not, he just seems shaky in the field. Masahiro Tanaka had a chance to erase some doubt that is being placed on him for this season, and he took it getting his first win of the season.

Stephen Drew even got under a couple pitches on Sunday and we can only hope it’s the start of something to come. As everyone expected, Arod is the team’s best bat this season. Despite being away from the game for a year, his pitch choice seems to be on point, and you’re almost surprised when he doesn’t have a chance at reaching base.

So even though all the things Alex Rodriguez is accused of, he knows baseball, and he loves the game. Whether you think his want for success is money driven or not, he has faith that this team can erase the doubt. The Yanks start their three game series in Baltimore tonight. With confidence from yesterday’s 14 run game, maybe they can find a way to carry on the aggressiveness they showed in the very first inning. A win to get out in front of a series would be great. Even though there were five games before yesterday, it was the first time the Yankees scored in the first inning. They seemingly need anything they can get right now, and confidence could be just that one of those things.

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