Yankee News: Larry Rothschild Not Worried about Masahiro Tanaka


Before the season started Masahiro Tanaka stated that his fastball would be throw at less velocity then it was last year. People were in uproar, and becoming worried that Tanaka would not be the same pitcher as he was last year before UCL tear. The pitching coach for the New York Yankees, Larry Rothschild, is not one of the people who are worried.

Tanaka was the opening day starter this year, and struggled going four innings. A theory is out there that Tanaka needs a better fastball to be successful. When Larry Rothschild commented on Tanaka he disagreed with that theory.

"He didn’t do it much last year. That wasn’t really part of his (repertoire). I think it’s the pitch that you’ll see the same as you did last year."

Last year Tanaka was able to throw a fastball in the mid 90s, but mostly he threw his fastballs in the low 90s. The dip in velocity is made into a bigger deal than it actually is, and Rothschild agrees.

The major concern with Tanaka is his psyche. All off-season his velocity has been a touchy subject with Tanaka and the Yankee coaching staff. If Tanaka is always worrying about his arm, he will not be a successful pitcher. Tanaka needs to be clear of mind and relax when he is on the mound, not thinking about if this is his last pitch before Tommy John surgery.

Tanaka is only 26 years old, he has a long career ahead of him. If this UCL injury continues to hang over him it can really hurt his career. I have alway thought he should have received the Tommy John surgery last year. In today’s game people have Tommy John and come back just as strong. Matt Harvey is the perfect example, as he looks to have a strong year after having Tommy John.

Do you think Tanaka should have gotten Tommy John last year? Should Tanaka get the surgery now or wait and see how his arm doing this year? Let us know by commenting below!

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