Yankees Editorial: Is Alex Rodriguez The Best Player Out of Camp?


He was supposed to be a black cloud hovering over the Yankees organization as they traveled all over the state Florida this spring. A burden that would distract the Yankees players by circulating a media circus around spring training. But instead, it turns out that Alex Rodriguez might just be the most exciting player out of spring training for the Bronx Bombers.

As a matter of fact, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York, when Joe Girardi was asked by the media to share a few things that surprised him through spring training, the first person he talked about was Alex Rodriguez.

"“I was really pleased with what Alex did,” Girardi said. “I’ve said all along, I thought Alex was going to help us, but I mean, it’s two years, really, since he played. I wasn’t 100-percent sure. If I was a betting man, I would have bet on him playing well, but there’s still that, you’ve got to see it after two years of not playing and being 39 and a half.”"

After jumping right out of the gate and getting off to a hot start to this years Grapefruit League action, the 39 year-old tailed off a bit, but his .286 batting average is the second highest behind Chase Headley (.321) among players set to start the season in the Bronx. Interestingly enough, Chase Headley is set to take-over as the every day third baseman for Alex Rodriguez to start the season.

Perhaps even more impressive than his hot bat, is Rodriguez’ strong glove at first-base. (which will be extensively covered lated on by Yanks Go Yard) A-Rod has been solid enough this spring on the opposite side of infield that skipper Joe Girardi is contemplating whether or not he should use him to back up 1BMark Teixeira.

All in all, despite the Yankees recent acquisition of Gregorio Petit , I still think Alex will start the season as the everyday DH, and will make his fair share of starts as a corner-infield utility man at first and third base when both Tex and Headley are in line for some rest, which makes him a pretty valuable commodity for these Bronx Bombers as they gear up to start the season.

What do you think Yankee fans? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below!


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