Yankees Editorial: Yankee Universe Number 1 in the Nation


27 World Series, 22 Hall of Famer’s (As Yankees), and add another to this gaudy list of accomplishments; America’s team! Facebook has created a map and shows each county in America and Canada. To see the full map check it out here.

The Yankees beat their cross town rival by a substantial margin. While the New York Yankees had the most, the New York Mets tied for the least amount with a grand total of zero point zero. The Mets tied with the Oakland Athletics with zero. The two teams (Mets & A’s) are similar dealing with other teams in their market. The San Francisco Giants dominated their market with the A’s.

Now it would not be a map of fans if there was not a few interesting pockets of fans in strange places. The Yankees were the favorite team in at least one county in 24 different states. In Idaho there is a pocket of Pittsburgh Pirate fans. The most diverse state in America is Nebraska with six different teams. The teams are the Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox, Rockies, Royals, and Twins. The last interesting thing about this map is Canada. The Blue Jays own all of The Great White North, but no county’s in the USA.

Now this map is all fun in games, but there is always something interesting with these type of maps. The regionalism in this map is a micro cosmetic of a major problem with the game. Baseball has become less and less of a national game. While the game is growing regionally by leaps and bounds, however nationally the game has not expanded.

Looking at the map in the South East the Braves dominate the market, in the North West the Mariners dominate, in the North East the Yankees and Red Sox dominate that market, and so on, I could continue, but you looked at the map…hopefully.

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