Yankees News: A New Stadium Tradition?


We all know and love the Yankees grounds crew tradition of going out to YMCA during the fifth inning. With a new season on the way, the Yankees have a new tradition on the way for the fans. Instead of the YMCA song, the team has announced they are replacing it with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

“Dad was a huge fan of Rick when that song came out,” Hal Steinbrenner said. “With his new commercial, we figured this was the perfect time to help Rick expand his brand to  sports fans everywhere. He’s going to perform the National Anthem at the next NYCFC match at the stadium.”

“I celebrate the man’s entire catalog,” said first baseman Mark Teixeira. “I can’t wait to see the grounds crew Rickrolling everyone. It’s gonna be awesome.”

“Our grounds crew has been receptive to the change,” said COO Lonn Trost. “They’ve been practicing the dance moves and it’s going be great.”

The first day of Rickrolling will be on Opening Day next Monday against the Blue Jays.

“We have the greatest fans in the world. They won’t be turned off by the change in the slightest.” said Steinbrenner.

“I’m very excited to bring my music to the best Stadium in the world,” said Astley. ” I look forward to being there opening day to dance with them.”

Never Gonna Give you up was the number one song in 25 countries back in 1987. The song was actually recorded on March 31 1987 and released that July.

“We haven’t reached the playoffs in a few years. We changed from the Macarena to YMCA. There’s no reason why we can’t change again. Maybe it’ll bring us some luck,” said Trost.

Maybe it will bring them some luck. Maybe the Yankees will make the playoffs this year. Maybe you guys actually believe the past 300 words of junk I just wrote.


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