Yankees’ Editorial: Alex Rodriguez And More Drug Tests


The New York Yankees made a statement coming into this season and that statement was that they were not going to let this season become known for the Alex Rodriguez come back. General Manager Brian Cashman made moves to re-sign Chase Headley and solidify the third base position which shut the door on Rodriguez returning to the hot corner. He also traded for Garrett Jones to platoon in the rotation of DH and fielding options which means limited reps for Arod there as well.

Then when Rodriguez wanted to address the media and apologize for his season long suspension due to PED use, the Yankees denied him access to using the media room at Steinbrenner Field. They offered him to do it at Yankee Stadium which was as far away as possible from the rest of the team. Furthermore, when Arod hit his first home run of the Spring, which was almost guaranteed to be the headline for the next day, the Yankees didn’t included it in any of their social media posts or highlights from the game.

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The organization has made every attempt to make this season about the roster and development of the future. This means pretty much ignoring the Rodriguez circus. In the same way that the Yankees are treating Arod like any other player, so is the MLB. He will be subjected to more drug tests because he tested positive in the past and is coming off a season long suspension.

Wallace Matthews at ESPN New York wrote an article on the in depth process of the Joint Drug Agreement.

"“Any player who has been disciplined under the JDA is subject to six unannounced urine tests and three unannounced blood tests for the 12-month period following the violation, as well as the same number of tests for every subsequent year the player appears on a team’s 40-man roster. Under these stipulations, Rodriguez and Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis (suspended 25 games for Adderall) are just two players that would be subjected to the additional testing this year.”"

I believe at this point Arod has to be done dabbling with PED’s but Major League Baseball has a process in place to make sure that he is. It would be a sad ending to his career if he did test positive again and as it is, he has already damaged his career to the point where he might fall under the same category as Pete Rose. One of the best players to ever play the game, but because of mistakes, their accolades will not be recognized by the Hall of Fame.

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