New York Yankees Jacoby Ellsbury Out for Another Week


Joe Girardi expected Jacoby Ellsbury back in the lineup by Friday, but it does not look like it is the case. Then he took an MRI, and it was a little worst then expected. He has been diagnosed with a low-grade oblique strain.

This year Ellsbury is supposed to lead off for the Bronx Bombers, but now Brett Gardner is being the leadoff hitter. Gardner is also playing center field while Ellsbury is out with his injury. Since Ellsbury is injured we get to take a look at Jose Pirela trying out left field.

Jacoby Ellsbury this year will be relied heavily for his production this year. Ellsbury who was healthy for the most part last year, still is noted for having lots if injury problems. While in Boston there were multiple occasions where he missed the bulk of the season, in 2010 he played only 18 games.

If this was Gardner, I would not be worried about the injury, but it is worrisome with Ellsbury. While Ellsbury is only in his second year of his seven year 153 million dollar contract, he could be showing signs of breaking down.

The Yankees knew the risks going in with Ellsbury, and took the shot. Last year it paid off with him being one of the most successful Yankee on an injury plagued team. This injury could mean absolute nothing. If it is taken care of and he is good to go by April it is great then, and do not need to worry.

I’m worried because of Ellsbury’s injury history. He has trouble staying on the field, so the Yankees training staff have to watch him more closely then some other players. This Yankee season will not be a successful one with Ellsbury continuing to get injured.

Do you think this could become a big story or do you think I need help from a psychologist since I am worried about an injury in March? Let me know in the comments below.

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