Yankees’ Editorial: The Next Generation’s First Impression


In this Spring Training we had the privilege to see the next generation of the New York Yankees at work. To say the least, they impressed. It was reassuring to watch youth and passion in pinstripes again. The past couple of seasons have consisted of watching the deterioration of veterans and the the end of an era.

Players like CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira, who were key pieces in the 2009 World Series title, declined and missed regular time due to injury. Also, the good-bye tours for Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter of the past two seasons put an end to the core-four era. For the first time in a long time, the front office is faced with the reality that the roster consisting of long-term deals given to key free agents has caught up to them.

Brian Cashman tried his best to begin fixing the problem this off-season by acquiring some young players with high upside. This was the first step in rebuilding the farm system and giving the Yankees a fresh start, one similar to the break through of the core-four. In the Spring we saw that management and the organization as a whole can seek comfort that there are permanent solutions to the problems of the past few seasons hidden in the farms.

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In Kevin Kernan’s article for the New York Post he discusses the impressive stand outs of the first half of camp.

"“Judge was reassigned to minor league camp Sunday so he can get plenty of at-bats to accelerate his progress. Same goes for outfielder Jake Cave, who hit .417 this spring with the big club. Outfielder Slade Heathcott is hitting .500. Bird is batting .385 and has the type of leveraged swing that will really play at Yankee Stadium. Pirela, who said Robinson Cano was his idol, is batting .421. Refsnyder is at .375.”"

There is a lot of promise there and it will be here soon. It will be important for the organization to try not to rush the prospects along though, no matter the circumstance. This is why they sent down the next generation to further develop so that they will be big league ready when they get the call.

It isn’t just their skill set that has been drawing praise, veterans have been commenting on the way they carry themselves. Kernan quoted Chase Headley‘s impression of them in his article as well.

"“On the field they’ve more than held their own, that speaks for itself,’’ Headley said, “but the way they represent themselves in the clubhouse, I feel like there is a good balance of confidence and comfortableness and also good self-awareness. They understand there will be ups and downs in the game.”"

It will be a matter of time until the solutions arrive on the show but this next generation is promising and for the first time in a long time, there is a possibility of a new core-four. This is because of the shift in philosophy and the restoration of the farm system.

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