David Robertson Calls A Yankee Tradition “Ridiculous”


In an effort to distance himself from the New York Yankees, and seemingly any fan that liked him even after he went to the Chicago White Sox, David Robertson told ESPN.com last week that the Yankees facial hair policy is “ridiculous.” Robertson has said some things in the past that could be misconstrued, but this is a direct hit to the Yankees and what the team is all about.

“This is nice, not have to shave every three days. I think it’s kind of ridiculous, but that was the Yankees’ rule – they wanted to have you clean-shaven. Here you can just let it grow. Obviously, they don’t want me to get it to that point. But I won’t let it get out of control.”

I have a beard. I enjoy having facial hair. However, if my job required me to stay clean shaven (just as I had to when I worked at Walt Disney World) I would be clean shaven and not talk about that company afterwards. Different companies expect different levels of professionalism and the Yankees are at the top. It may be strict, but it’s their rule.

While many former Yankees have grown facial hair after their departure from the Bronx, no one has called the rule “ridiculous” before. Robertson has gone from a former player that was saying all the right things about being on his new team to a player that sounds really bitter about no longer donning the Yankee pinstripes.

Joba Chamberlain gained beard notoriety last season when he looked like was going to barbershops, collecting hair, and gluing it onto his face. Chamberlain admitted it was out of laziness more than anything and has since shaved. It sounds like Robertson is going to enjoy showing off his chin whiskers to spite the team that didn’t even try to give him an offer after the qualifying offer.

Let it go, Robertson. Focus on your team.

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