Yankees News: Judge and Severino Among Those Sent To Minor League Camp


Getting re-assigned to minor league camp isn’t a big deal. It just means you’re not in consideration for a shot at the major league roster to start the season. You know what? That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad player and it doesn’t mean that these guys aren’t in the Yankees plans. It means that the regulars are going to be getting more work.

The Yankees re-assigned 10 players to their minor league camp.

C- Trent Garrison and Juan Graterol

INF- Cito Culver

OF- Jake Cave and Aaron Judge

Pitchers- Tyler Webb, James Pazos, Luis Severino, Nick Goody, Diego Moreno

I think Cave opened up some eyes this spring because he hit the ball really well. Judge everyone knows about and he got a ton of opportunities but he may just not be that close. Culver put on a display defensively, but his offense isn’t there and may never will.

I was surprised Severino was sent down so quickly. He was impressive in his spring innings, and with Chris Capuano going down, I thought he might have been given an extended look. I think Moreno may be in some trouble based on his spring outings. Goody needs some more time to develop, and I think he could be an option for 2016 in the bullpen.

Girardi gave some insight on reasons for the cuts to MLB.com:

"“We start to run out of innings for people. That’s the sad thing. We’re sending players down now that played really well,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “You start to run out of innings, you start to run out of playing time, and the last thing you want for them is not to be ready for their season. If we need them during the course of the season, you want them properly prepared.“I’m sure that’s hard for a young player to understand, but long-term, we want them to be productive for a long time here and make sure they’re properly prepared so they don’t get hurt.”"

That can certainly be there to explain Severino and Judge. The one notable prospect left, Gregory Bird. Maybe it means he’s close to the majors than we all think.

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