Yankees Editorial: Cashman Explains Why he Signed Stephen Drew


After Martin Prado was traded to the Miami Marlins, the entire Yankee fan base thought that Cashman was trying to get younger. That was not case, instead they resigned Stephen Drew to a 1 year 5 million dollar contract. Now lots of people have criticized the move including myself (Which you can find HERE) but Brian Cashman has opened up and explained why he signed Stephen Drew.

"We’re betting on the fact that last year has to be some sort of aberration; why would he all of a sudden fall off a cliff? We put $5 million on the table and gambled that way. We hope it pays off."

Last year was a struggle for Drew, with not having a spring training, and being rushed into action last year. A person who had a bird’s-eye view and saw what happen in Boston was Andrew Miller. He talked about how there could have been too much pressure on Drew when he returned to Boston.

"“When Stephen signed, as a team I think we — unfairly — had expectations that were too high for what he would be able to contribute. We were struggling at the time, so we thought maybe he was the answer.”"

Now I can understand if Stephen Drew was a career .300 hitter, and it was just a rocky year. I could even be ok with him being a career .280 hitter cause of how great is defense is, but he is a career .256 hitter. The only year he batted over .300 was his call up year where he only played 59 games!

While the Yankees have two young players waiting in the wings to get an opportunity, the Yankees decided to bring back the very definition of an average player. If you are being optimistic about Stephen Drew he will bat .265, and give decent defense at second.

I would much rather have one of the young players play, and let them learn and develop. I am sure they will make more errors than Drew, but the upsides of those two are so much greater than what Drew can bring.

Go Big or Go Home!

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