New York Yankees Fan to Walk 1,140 miles for Charity


In the world of sports we often idolize individuals for their athletic prowess, their level of skill and/or incredible feats. However, more often than not real heroes pass through our lives and we barely take note. Such is the case of New York Yankees fan Richard J. Albero or “Uncle Richard” as he has come to be known.

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What makes him a hero is not what he’s doing, it’s why he’s doing it. With his actions he’s looking to honor a Gary, a fallen family member and also raise $25,000.00 for charity. To do that, he decided to undertake a journey that is not for the faint of heart. His route begins at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, FL and ends at Yankee Stadium in New York City. It will take him approximately 3 months to complete his trek. At the end, he will have walked at least 1,140 miles according to Google Maps.

What sets Uncle Richard above the fray is that he’s not doing this for glory, he isn’t doing it for a paycheck. He is a 65 year-old man who is willing to walk the eastern seaboard to raise funds for charity (The Wounded Warrior Project) and to honor the memory of his cousin Gary, who perished during 9/11.

Uncle Richard was inspired by all the charity work Gary had done in his lifetime. He wanted to find something that was fun and that honored Gary’s memory, but more than anything, he wanted to do something Gary would be proud of. When he first proposed the idea to his associates, he was told that he was too old and that no one would contribute anyway. These attitudes challenged him and he pressed on.

As of this writing, Uncle Richard has raised $13,734 dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project and was walked approximately 16 miles.

If you’d like to track Uncle Richard or help with his goal, please visit

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