Yankees Editorial: Can Alex Rodriguez Master First


Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees have began to reconcile their differences. I personally have expressed my distaste for the situation numerous times and the media circus that has become A-Rod. He makes headlines for scratching his head at this point and it takes away from the team.

Can you imagine how someone who respects the integrity of the game, and has made something of himself with hard work, taking a back seat to Arod because he did something minute? Brett Gardner pops into mind for me because he finally was paid his respect for his effort last season when the Yankees paid him.

However, for the sake of sanity I am going to stay positive here. Joe Girardi has already went on the record as to the possibility of switching Rodriguez from third base, which is now occupied by Chase Headley, to first base.

This would add depth at first to help the often injured Mark Teixeira with off days. It would also give a suitable option in the event an avalanche of injuries happens again like it did in 2014. Arod would be competing with Garrett Jones, who was acquired in the Martin Prado trade, for reps at both first and DH. Girardi already expressed his desire to have Arod play first in Spring Training.


We often forget the unselfish act of Rodriguez coming to New York and willing to move to third base from short stop. He wanted to contribute in the Bronx without hurting the core of the Bronx, Derek Jeter. It would have been easy for him to come in here and demand to be the main attraction, but instead he respectfully did what was asked of him. He came in early in the morning and took ground ball, after ground ball, he fielded bunts and practiced turning double-plays, and he took batting practice until the day was over.

This is the Alex Rodriguez that we all became enamored with when he broke on to the show. The truth is, he took the sport of baseball by storm and charmed his way to the top with persistence and hard work. He racked up a Hall of Fame list of accolades and was a fan favorite. While he is a shell of he used to be and that unselfishness is a reminiscent of the past, there is still the possibility of Rodriguez becoming a good first baseman.

If he is as sincere as he appears to be in his apologies, then maybe he has rediscovered his passion for the game. Maybe, just maybe he can become the hard working Rodriguez who thrives because of the amount of practice he puts in.

Teixeira chimed in, ““anybody can play first base, but not anybody can play it well.” We will have to wait and see which Alex Rodriguez shows up in 2015.

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