Yankees’ Editorial: Bronx is Boiling: Hopes for 2015

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The wait is over, New York Yankees’ fans. First pitch, whether it is Grapefruit League or not, is Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited. Despite Alex Rodriguez being in camp, everything feels right for baseball to begin. Sure, the Yankees have their question marks heading into the season, but everybody does. The Yankees, as always, are simply victims to over glamorizing their struggles more than the status quo. 

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Speaking of questions, aside from the outfield, it seems like the rest of the squad is full of question marks. The rotation is in flux, the infield has an over abundance of players that all deserve a chance. But the pieces in place are stout enough to make a run for the playoffs if the Yankees can avoid the injury plague that has doomed them the past two seasons. The Bronx is boiling and I need to blow some steam.


I don’t make predictions in baseball. It’s too long of a season and there are entirely too many injuries. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have expectations, however. I think we all come into each and every baseball season doing the same thing. We read the plethora of write ups and previews and analysis of offseason moves and create a vision of how the Yankees season will go down in 2015. Like I said, those are personal expectations, not so much predictions.

That being said, here are some things I would like to see in the upcoming 2015:

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