Yankees News: Yankees Confident They Can Keep Alex Rodriguez Bonus Money


Not only do the Yankees owe Alex Rodriguez $61 million over the next three years but they tacked on $6 million bonuses for homers 661,715,756 and 763. $6 million a pop. The Yankees clearly wish A-Rod would go away, but that isn’t going to happen and they are stuck with him. If the Yankees can’t get out from the contract, according to CBS Jon Heyman, they are going to try and get out of the bonuses.

"At the heart of the Yankees’ claim is that Rodriguez’s milestone marks have been rendered meaningless and unmarketable thanks to his own behavior. The Yankees are the ones prepared to make the claim that Rodriguez didn’t act in good faith, with his Biogenesis link and subsequent falsehoods leading to the diminishment of a reputation to the point where there wouldn’t be any marketing value to his exploits: no hats or T-shirts to sell, no movie rights."

According to Heyman, if the Yankees challenge the bonuses, former agent Scott Boras to come and testify on his behalf. Boras was the agent at the time who helped A-Rod get all of those bonuses written into the contract. It stands to reason that A-Rod’s current agent would be asked to testify to, but A-Rod doesn’t have one anymore.

"The Yankees, though, may see Rodriguez’s recent admissions that he “created headaches” and that it’s “on me” as early testimony in their case to prove he deserves no extra monies – though in his first words this spring he continued to avoid specific admissions of wrongdoing.A potential courtroom showdown would get more specific than that, and Rodriguez would need to avoid making any drug-related admissions not covered in his record year-long suspension; otherwise, the potential exists for further bans. The Yankees might even try questioning him about any possible nefarious links to noted HGH doctor Anthony Galea, who was tied to several prominent athletes, including A-Rod, at least in the press."

The Yankees can certainly try this argument. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s going to work and they’d probably have to settle.

Having A-Rod around is going to be fun this year isn’t it? It’s just going to get more and more fun all year long.

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