Yankees News: He’s back! Alex Rodriguez returns to the Yankees


After a year away from the game that he loves so dearly, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez reported to camp two days early on Monday.  Rodriguez took his physical and wasted no time getting his first workout in, although players usually take a day before their first workout (position players don’t have their first workout until Thursday).

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After spending so much time away, Rodriguez must have been itching to show that he’s got something left to offer, reporting before most other position player.  According to Ryan Hatch of NJ.com, Rodriguez even took some reps at shortstop, his position before joining the Yankees and moving to third base to accommodate Derek Jeter.

While many fans refuse to accept A-Rod, many showed up to show their support, and after hitting six home runs in 71 swings during the workout he hung around to sign autographs and met with the media for eight minutes.  Rodriguez didn’t directly address his suspension, but acknowledged that his mistakes were his own fault.  While there is nothing that A-Rod can do to win some back, he did finally say all the right things.

Rodriguez admitted that he is hoping for one of the 25 spots:

"“It reminds me of when I was 18 years old, when I had to try to make Lou Pinella’s team [in Seattle],” Rodriguez said. “I love to compete. I’m here a couple of days early to get a jumpstart. I love baseball.”"

He also stated that he feels welcomed back:

"“I do, surprisingly enough,” Rodriguez said. “Obviously I have some very strong relationships in our locker room … When you win a championship like we did in 2009, it’s incredible the bonding you deal with in that process.”"

This is no surprise as many of Rodriguez’s teammates, both past and present, have acknowledged that he is a great teammate.  He said he is clean, though many will doubt that as long as he is on the roster.  He also doesn’t blame whoever is mad at him for his actions, and how could he?

The most taking quote was one that showed Rodriguez appears to have learned something in his time away from the game:

"“No mistake that I’ve made has a good answer,” he said. “No justification. It’s unexplainable. And that’s on me. I’ve dug a big hole for myself. Paid a price. I’m fortunate for a lot of people, especially the commissioner’s office, the players’ union, the Yankees — to give me an opportunity to play the game that I love.”"

He acknowledged that he paid a price “personally and professionally”, and “cringes” at what he has done, and he seems ready to move on, although that might be hard considering he just served the longest PED related suspension in MLB history.

According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, team officials were “fuming” over Rodriguez not informing them that he would be returning.  After missing out on Yoan Moncada earlier Monday, they should be happy that A-Rod was able to steal the headlines, instead of criticism of Hal Steinbrenner for refusing to spend money this offseason.

Either way, Alex Rodriguez has finally returned, and this is the beginning of what will surely be an eventful season.

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