Yankees News: A New Offensive Approach?


Kids, this is what you have to realize about baseball, the shift ain’t going anywhere. Banning the shift is ridiculous. If a team is going to shift against you, you should be able to hit the ball the other way. There’s really no excuse. Learn to bunt. Choke up on the bat and slap it. Do something!

Joe Girardi is making the Yankees change their approach. With two new hitting coaches, the skipper realizes the team needs to take a new approach

"With the shift increasing in popularity, manager Joe Girardi said his hitters will spend time in spring training finding ways to attack it — whether by bunting or taking the ball the other way.“You don’t want to take a player out of his comfort zone and lose confidence, but those are the things you work on in spring training,’’ Girardi said. “We will do more things this spring training. The hitter has to completely buy into the idea. It may not translate over a week or two weeks. It might take guys time to buy into certain ideas we have. A hitter can’t go up there and say, ‘I am going to try and do something I am not comfortable with.’ ”"

Dear, Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira, buy in! The defense is basically giving you a single.

Now should they do it all the time? No. They are paid to drive in runs, not be table setters. However, to lead off an inning or with no runners on why not do it?

Look, if McCann and Tex do bunt on the shift, or just slap one the other way, is it going to completely prevent teams from shifting against them? Of course not.

Will it make the opposition think twice? You bet it will.

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