Yankees Editorial: Yankees Will Look Foolish If They Don’t Sign Moncada


Three workouts. That’s how many times the Yankees have worked out Cuban wunderkind Yoan Moncada. According to George King of the NY Post yesterday, the Yankees had Moncada in for a third workout, one that brought in Yankee owner Hank Steinbrenner. 

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Now they probably brought Hank down to figure out how far they want to go to try and sign him. All the big guys are going to be in play, especially the Dodgers. Ben Badler of Baseball America says Moncada should sign next week.

After having Moncada in for workouts, not one, not two, but three times, they are going to look foolish if they don’t sign him.

Look, we don’t know if Moncada will be Yasiel Puig, Dayan Viciedo or somewhere in between. Scouts love him and see him as a starter in the major leagues. Yes, he won’t be ready for a couple of seasons, but to me this is a risk you have to take, but to a point.

Yes the Yankees have Rob Refsnyder who can play second and Eric Jagielo who can play third. But how many times do all prospects pan out? Who’s to say that Refsnyder doesn’t get injured? Maybe they decide to use him in the outfield more because something happens to Aaron Judge? What if Jagielo is used in a trade to get a big arm like Jordan Zimmermann or Johnny Cueto at the trade deadline?

The point is to accumulate talent, and figure it out after that. If Moncada, Jagielo, Refsnyder and Jose Pirela all pan out, it’s a great problem to have. It’s a problem the Yankees haven’t had to deal with for years and years; too much depth and young players.

The Yankees have seen Moncada enough, It’s now time to bring him in. If they don’t, it could be another opportunity wasted.

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